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Alveus Pharmaceuticals is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) offers custom synthesis services for the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industries, research institutes and Universities for their drug discovery research and development process. Alveus specializes in custom synthesis of reference, novel small molecule compounds. Alveus dedicated and experienced team of scientists specialized in early stage drug discovery, Medicinal and Organic Chemistry disciplines can provide services in the areas of hit identification, hits to lead modification and lead optimization, structure based drug design, focused library synthesis from milligrams to multi-gram and kilo-scale process for a pharmaceutical intermediate and API's. Alveus can synthesize client proposed set of target molecules, and or New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and develop a custom library in order to accelerate their discovery research. Alveus also provide process chemistry and scalable route design and offer you the options of contract or full-time equivalent (FTE) services as per the requirements. Alveus work closely with the clients and provide the customized client communication with assured high level of confidentiality. String experiences in complex multi-step synthesis of small molecule heterocyclic compounds are the key to Alveus services. We also undertake projects related to siRNA based sequences as per the client request. Alveus chemistry team possess strong experience in the area of siRNA based therapeutic services and we offer services in the design and synthesis of stable modified nucleosides. Alveus established to access the most of the recent literature, chemical search tools and other Medicinal/Computational Chemistry relevant software products. Alveus is also capable of handling complex analytical problems as part of our custom synthesis and analytical chemistry services program. Alveus teams provide technical assistance to our clients creating Intellectual Property and patent filings services as well.

Alveus Pharmaceuticals is a Hyderabad based Indian CRO company incorporated on October 16th 2009 by a successful entrepreneurs and scientists with doctoral, business administration qualification and a track record of experience in custom syntesis, drug discovery, development and into first in human clinical trial stage levels.

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